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Posted by Alissa Pagels-Minor on Nov 25, 2019 11:30:00 AM

"I showcased one of the dashboards at the end of my executive track of what data literate teams could look like - that companies can move beyond literal reporting to a place that becomes transformative to their business. It resonated." -Bridget Cogley, Tableau Zenmaster

VoiceBase at TC19-2103

The VoiceBase team joined over 20,000 other data-minded people at one of the most engaging and empowering analytics events of the year - Tableau Conference! Attendees descend upon Vegas to sharpen their data analytics skills, connect with other industry pros, and get inspired by the community. 

This year, VoiceBase was proud to announce a new suite of products at the launch of the event. Our full stack of omni-channel voice analytics products empower the enterprise to achieve fast ROI by leveraging speech and text analytics across the organization. These products were the star of our presentations within our booth and throughout the show events. Here's what we heard from visitors and colleagues!

VoiceBase at TC19 predictive analytics

"At TC19, more and more people know of VoiceBase and that it enables audio as a data source for Tableau." -Patrick McCormick, McCormick BI

As we demo-ed our new products in our booth, we were thrilled to hear feedback from data professionals about the immediate value they could see in visualizing voice analytics.

VoiceBase at TC19-2126

"We got consistent props for our open database architecture - we will put data where customers want it! " - Anthony Krinsky, VoiceBase

One of our favorite highlights of the show was being able to raise awareness for some great nonprofits with a limited edition t-shirt designed from a conversational analytics dashboard viz by Tableau Zenmaster Bridget Cogley. 

conversational analytics data viz by bridget cogley

"I was really touched and happy to see how people embraced the Swag for Good limited edition t-shirts. Many seemed interested that the data represented conversations and I know I chatted with a few people about how this data came to be." -Bridget Cogley, Tableau Zenmaster

VoiceBase at TC19-2118

Each shirt had a suggested donation which VoiceBase matched. Learn more about the nonprofits supported here

voicebase enterprise accelerator -1

In addition to the new products we launched, we also announced text analytics capability launching in 2020! Adding text analytics will empower organizations to aggregate chat, email, and other text communication with their contact center calls to get a full 360° view of customer interactions for an omni-channel view. 
VoiceBase at TC19-2147

"I think we are now entering omni-channel voice analytics at such a great time because, in a world where we want to know details immediately, the adoption of voice analytics at a company such as a call center is going to help them achieve productivity and quality." 
-Vicky Avalos, VoiceBase

VoiceBase at TC19-7987

Becky Masters of Delta Dental of Washington and Mark Langsfeld of VoiceBase hosted a session about how to extract "cost reduction opportunities within the contact center and identified new customer experience enhancement initiatives through the visual analysis of voice data." 

VoiceBase at TC19-

"Things I heard from visitors at the show: 'I never thought about the richness of data in voice calls,' and, 'I never thought about using voice calls for analysis for the entire company.' "

-Sue Gniadek, VoiceBase

VoiceBase at TC19-2077

"I learned that there are still many companies out there who listen to each and every single one of their calls. As the call driver screen was being presented, I seen the enthusiasm people felt when they’d realize how useful our products are to cut costs and time efficiency" -Vicky Avalos, VoiceBase

VoiceBase at TC19-2127

"Customers with legacy systems are excited to move from a handful of data points to thousands of observations per call." -Anthony Krinsky, VoiceBase

VoiceBase at TC19-7986

"I showcased one of the dashboards at the end of my executive track of what data literate teams could look like - that companies can move beyond literal reporting to a place that becomes transformative to their business. It resonated."

-Bridget Cogley, Tableau Zenmaster

Bridget taught session attendees "technical strategies for understanding your data environment, bridging the gap between JSON and relational data, and see how modern databases like Snowflake can support building schemas that work with relational models"

Watch Bridget's Session Here

The icing on the cake was our customer happy hour at Vegas Topgolf and the data night out party! 

VoiceBase at TC19-2221



VoiceBase at TC19-7993

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