Compliance Monitoring: Harnessing the power of speech analytics

Posted by Natalie Chilton on Jun 10, 2019 3:08:21 PM

How many calls do you wager go in and out of your call center every day? As an enterprise organization, hopefully your answer to that question is less of a guess and more of an exact science. No matter your specific vertical, maintaining an intimate understanding of every voice interaction between customers and agents is integral for call centers to maximize revenue, retention rates, and customer security.

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Human Transcription or Transcription API? How Switching to Automatic Call Scoring and Analytics Can Save You Valuable Resources

Posted by Natalie Chilton on Oct 24, 2017 8:54:47 AM


Automation is the name of the game these days. According to McKinsey, “45% of the activities individuals are paid to perform can be automated by adapting currently demonstrated technologies,”

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5 Benefits of Being PCI Compliant

Posted by Emily Blazensky on Sep 5, 2017 4:42:04 PM
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Why PCI Compliance Matters

Posted by Natalie Chilton on Aug 31, 2017 4:14:36 PM


When it comes to security, companies can be a little lenient on the necessary steps to securing their sales systems.

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VoiceBase Named A 2017 Stratus Award Winner For Cloud Computing

Posted by Natalie Chilton on Aug 17, 2017 8:00:00 AM

We are excited to announce that VoiceBase has been named a 2017 Stratus Award Winner for Cloud Computing. 

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Topics: awards, API, cloud computing

Leveraging Voice: How Deep Learning Recognition Is Influencing Data Analyzation for Businesses

Posted by Matt Aquino on May 10, 2017 8:30:00 AM


No doubt you’ve already seen that for yourself: programs like Apple’s Siri and hardware such as Amazon’s Alexa have become sophisticated, eerily human technologies.

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The New Era of Enterprise Connect; Top 5 Trends Changing The Show

Posted by Emily Blazensky on Apr 6, 2017 10:04:07 AM


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Speech Analytics For The Cloud - Catch Us At Enterprise Connect! March 26-29, 2017

Posted by Emily Blazensky on Mar 9, 2017 3:12:43 PM


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How to Enable Twilio Dual Channel Recording For Better Speech Analytics

Posted by Bryon Mathias-Fuqua on Nov 18, 2016 11:10:59 AM


At Twilio's last SIGNAL conference, this past May, they introduced their dual channel recording feature which means a whole lot in the world of speech analytics.

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Codecs, Compression and Consistency; How To Get the Best Accuracy From Your Recordings

Posted by Emily Blazensky on Nov 14, 2016 1:43:04 PM

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What is Big Voice?

AI-powered speech analytics for the cloud

VoiceBase is defining the future of deep learning and communications by providing unparalleled access to spoken information for businesses to make better decisions. With flexible APIs developers and enterprises build scalable solutions with VoiceBase by embedding speech-to-text, speech analytics, and predictive analytics capabilities into any big voice application. 



The Modern Speech Analytics Playbook

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