Speech Analytics: How to Profit From The 'Voice of The Customer'

Posted by Emily Blazensky on Apr 18, 2016 1:30:00 AM


In today's always on, always-connected world, context is emerging as the new king when it comes to customer interactions. Differentiated value and customer loyalty depend more and more on having an enriched understanding of the customer. Providing individualized experiences are now critical to creating sustainable value and customer loyalty. 

Speech is, and is likely to remain the dominant way customers choose to interact when they want results.  Self-service is becoming increasingly important, however, when customers want action they "want to speak to somebody."

Voice of The Customer


Thus, whether you are a contact center, call recording platform, conferencing provider, video management solution or hosted PBX the single most important part of any conversation is what’s said.

The good news is that with the combined improvements to accuracy, turnaround time and cost, speech analytics is now readily available for businesses of any size. Being able to surface insights from recordings enables businesses to now do for the phone lines, what HubSpot does for a customer's websites. The intelligence determined from spoken interactions will lead to improved decision making, better customer experiences, a more complete customer profile and higher customer retention rates.

If you are only listening but not hearing the voice of the customer, now is the time to formulate your speech analytics strategy.


What attendees will learn:

  • How to best leverage speech analytics for any market; what should I be looking for?
  • The benefits of a speech analytics solution; more data, lower costs, improved ROI
  • The top business drivers for integrating a speech analytics solution into your recording platform
  • The process and training requirements to receive elite predictive analytics results 

Who should attend:

  • C-Level executives and department heads (President, CEO, CMO, CFO, CSO, VP, Director) in product, sales, technology, etc
  • Call Center management/directors/supervisors
  • Customer Service management/supervisors
  • Director of Operations
  • Call/contact center agent trainers/coaches
  • Call Quality Assurance professionals
  • Sales operations professionals
  • Heads of Marketing
  • Professional Service Leaders
  • System integrators 
  • Anyone with an influence on customer experience strategy
  • Business analysts


So what are you waiting for? View the webinar today! All attendees will receive a recorded video of the webinar in the VoiceBase player, showing key features such as extracted keywords & topics, search, and an interactive transcript. 

We look forward to seeing you there to learn more about how to benefit from the voice of the customer!


Topics: call center, speech analytics, voice of the customer

Written by Emily Blazensky

As Director of Marketing for VoiceBase, an API-based and enterprise grade speech analytics platform, Emily has developed unique and successful marketing strategies to meet the needs of an emerging industry leader, with a rapidly growing customer base. Emily has a keen grasp of the strategies to elevate awareness of the multiple ways speech technology can be applied to improve business process automation.
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