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Posted by Emily Blazensky on Sep 26, 2016 2:20:10 PM

Visual Voicemail


The term is pretty self-explanatory - Visual Voicemail refers to the automatic transcription of voice mail messages (kind of like iOS 10's new beta feature). Now you can transform all of your messages into readable text to quickly and conveniently scan your voice messages as they come in.

Accuracy has always been an issue for this industry, since the shorter the recording the less unique keywords there are to learn from and to improve accuracy with context. However, with recent updates to the VoiceBase platform we're excited to share that our short form audio recording accuracy has significantly increased. Read on to find a full configuration with our most common voicemail features set. Not too technical? No problem, view a visual voicemail story that walks you through this use case.

What else can you do with VoiceBase's speech API?


Below is a full configuration for "Voicemail Settings" - this includes features that benefit (super) short forms of audio, such as;

  1. Executor: v2 - This sets up jobs to run on our newer architecture (faster processing)
  2. Disable keywords and topics - This allows the file to bypasses the keyword/topic process to improve turnaround time, since those elements are typically not needed for short files.
  3. Apply number formatting - Remember to switch number words to symbols (like "seventeen" to "17") and add US phone number formatting to enable click-to-call functionality for the your users.
  4. Use callbacks - Helps to improve turnaround time (by .5x the polling interval time on average), again, the faster the better with Voicemail content!
visual voicemail API

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Read Your Voicemails

Poorly transcribed voicemails aren’t just funny – they’re super annoying. VoiceBase delivers increased accuracy, with faster turnaround times at a lower cost. Finally, get really readable voicemail transcripts.


Manage Your Time And Recordings

Quickly scan your messages without having to dial in, then organize them by topic. Don't waste time listening to telemarketers ramble on, or your kooky aunt's 3 min message.


Set Your Priorities

Without transcription there is no way to know the content of a voicemail before you press play. By having the ability to scan for words that will help you understand the request, complaint or emergency behind each play button, businesses can now prioritize large batches of voicemails and handle the most time sensitive issues first.





Ready to try the VoiceBase speech API? You can check out the docs here, or read more about what's possible here. Oh and here are the Top 10 API Commands To Get Started, those might be helpful.


We can't wait to see what you'll detect.


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