How Ensemble Video Is Transforming Higher Education Through Speech Technology

Posted by Emily Blazensky on Sep 13, 2016 6:00:00 AM



The best products are those which are invented to solve a problem, by the people who experience that problem themselves, right? So, who better to develop the next generation of educational tools, than staff and educators from a top university?

The Ensemble Video Platform grew out of a project at Syracuse University's Whitman School of Management in 2006, to create a flexible, easy-to-use video content management system. The inventors of the product are information and instructional technology professionals and educators. Since then, the Ensemble Video Platform has been successfully deployed in hundreds of organizations and consortiums in higher education, K-12, health care, government, and enterprise markets.

Now, Ensemble and VoiceBase have partnered to continue this vision and introduce accessible, easily consumable video content with automatic captioning and search capabilities.


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For the past decade Education platforms, Enterprises and Government Services have been creating massive amounts of recorded video content. With technological advancements in recording capabilities, video player functionality, cost and ease of use, it's a no-brainer that these institutions widely embraced video content. And the more content that was created, the more needs arose for video management, accessibility and consumption. That is where the Ensemble online video platform comes in.




As recording and sharing video content became popular, so became the content management practices that went with it. Video management has expanded rapidly in the last decade to include features such as customer branding, analytics and reporting capabilities, storage security and metadata. This is where Ensemble was first born, they developed their bread and butter here, and then continued to grow with the needs of their customers.



Next it was accessibility. The more upgrades that were made to cell phones, iPhones, androids and tablets, the more opportunity there was to make video content accessible everywhere. Information is power, and information at your fingertips is like the Beyoncé of powerful. Mobility changed a lot here and companies like Ensemble had to keep up and keep content available, anywhere.



With technology today, we have everything at our fingertips, and we want it fast. Watching a 2-hour video to get to the one sentence or section that you're looking for, doesn't quite cut it anymore. People want to know where that word they’re searching for was said, and jump to it immediately. Luckily, Ensemble discovered an exciting start up called VoiceBase, which developed this functionality to be accurate, fast and cost effective - especially when compared to the other options; doing it manually with humans... Don’t get us wrong, we love humans, we are humans! But boy are they expensive for transcription.

What else can you use VoiceBase for you ask? Here are some ideas:


Recording and re-accessing educational content is not going anywhere, this industry is only growing and continuing to develop cool products that enrich the original content. With online universities, company educational forums and video user guides, the possibilities are endless, but one thing is for sure. Ensemble Video will be leading the way and continuing to find technologies that improve their customer’s experience. Remember, the customer is always right!



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Written by Emily Blazensky

As Director of Marketing for VoiceBase, an API-based and enterprise grade speech analytics platform, Emily has developed unique and successful marketing strategies to meet the needs of an emerging industry leader, with a rapidly growing customer base. Emily has a keen grasp of the strategies to elevate awareness of the multiple ways speech technology can be applied to improve business process automation.
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