Grow Your Compliance Toolkit; Why Omni Channel Monitoring Matters

Posted by Emily Blazensky on Jul 25, 2017 8:22:00 AM

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More Doors Need More Locks

Back in the day, retailers would lock their doors and turn on their alarm system in order to keep their merchandise and customer's information secure. However, as the world moves towards a more connected economy and businesses strive to become omni-channel to meet that demand; they are opening doors to their customers online, on social media, on mobile devices, and everywhere in between. Simply locking their physical doors at night is not enough to keep their business safe anymore. Businesses are no longer just physical places, but virtual ones that can be accessed, and breached, anywhere at any time from multiple devices. With the compliance regulations in place today, it’s time to get some new locks that monitor all of the channels your consumers engage with your business on. These locks come in the form of access control, compliance procedures, two factor authentication, and many other processes that will keep you and your customers’ data safe, wherever it may be.

The Importance of Omni-Channel Monitoring

The boom of smartphones began pushing the brick and mortar industry towards a fully e-commerce world, and the importance of tracking and understanding the Customer Journey was pushed to the forefront. For many companies this represents a shift to an omni-channel contact center and a fundamental change in their approach to the customer experience. Between social media, mobile apps, and website expansions, businesses are getting more customer feedback, brand perception and eyeballs on their products than ever before. With this jump in brand awareness, retailers have to be diligent in monitoring how their brand is being used, how their agents are handling calls, how they are meeting industry regulations, etc. This new era calls for a complete compliance solution that ensures security and compliance across all channels, at all times.


How To Best Monitor Voice Channels?

Of the many channels retailers work with is voice. Spoken information can pose some difficulty in monitoring because it is difficult to harness and organize it. Humans can be biased and inconsistent in monitoring results and without proper security measures certain information cannot be stored, such as credit card or social security data. In order to comply with contact center compliance regulations, all of the sales and service calls flowing through your new omni-channel contact center must be recorded, redacted and regulated. With human scoring being costly and slow, it is not a scalable or dependable solution. Businesses striving for omni-channel monitoring success need a speech analytics solution that is accurate, fast, and consistent. Luckily VoiceBase, an industry leading speech recognition and speech analytics solution has partnered with PerformLine, the leading provider of RegTech for omni-channel customer interaction monitoring. The PerformLine solution helps organizations ensure customer communications via web, voice and messaging channels are proactively and consistently monitored in order to reduce and eliminate risk from brand and regulatory breaches.


Join us on Thursday, Sept 7th at 11am PT/2pm ET as we demonstrate how PerformLine has converted speech analytics insights into world class compliance solutions leading the emerging RegTech industry. Now businesses can achieve omni-channel compliance with one turn-key solution, and utilize industry leading speech recognition and speech analytics to instill confidence in customers that their data is taken care of.


What Attendees Will Learn:

  • How PerformLine’s best practice rulesets speeds up the time for customers to see benefits and measurable results quickly
  • Why mediators and regulators like a standardized, turnkey approach to compliance monitoring
  • How PerformLine is harnessing the CFPB complaint database to help our customers track their risk
  • Costs and risks of not having an omni-channel compliant solution




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Written by Emily Blazensky

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