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VoiceBase Brings Cloud-Based Speech Analytics to Dreamforce '16

Posted by VoiceBase on Sep 20, 2016 4:18:38 PM




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VoiceBase named Top 20 Fastest Growing Big Data Companies

Posted by VoiceBase on Mar 29, 2016 9:45:23 AM

We’re excited to share that The Silicon Review has named VoiceBase as one of the 20 Fastest Growing Big Data Companies of 2016! The term “big data” has evolved in a big way since it was first deemed an industry buzzword in 2012. Originally the term ‘big data’ almost exclusively referred to text-based data, both automatically mined or manually entered. Until recently big data really only referred to ‘big text.’

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VoiceBase Announces New Predictive Analytics Product; Insights

Posted by VoiceBase on Jan 19, 2016 4:02:52 AM

Today VoiceBase is excited to announce our new product; Insights. Insights utilizes predictive analytics to match all future calls to certain call classifiers,

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VoiceBase Raises $10 Million of New Funding Headed Into 2016

Posted by VoiceBase on Jan 13, 2016 4:02:10 PM

We are pleased to announce that VoiceBase has raised $10 Million of funding lead by our existing Silicon Valley and European investors, along with new participation from Asian investors. This investment brings the total funding in the company to $20 Million and further validates our Big Voice vision and market execution as we move into 2016.

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Join us at Twilio’s 2015 SIGNAL Conference May 19th & 20th

Posted by VoiceBase on Apr 27, 2015 2:52:10 AM
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Enterprise Connect 2015: A week full of Twilio & TATA

Posted by VoiceBase on Mar 23, 2015 2:28:34 AM
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Ytel Selects VoiceBase To Enhance Its Cloud Contact Center Solution With Advanced Speech Analytics

Posted by VoiceBase on Mar 5, 2015 5:13:11 AM

On demand keyword spotting and auto-call scoring enable businesses of every size to detect trends and monitor agents

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VoiceBase Will Be Doing “Big Voice” Things at LeadsCon Las Vegas!

Posted by VoiceBase on Feb 25, 2015 2:28:52 AM
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VoiceBase Is Powering Deeper Customer Insights By GreenRope

Posted by VoiceBase on Dec 16, 2014 6:49:24 AM
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How To Nail Predictive Analytics By Incorporating Big Voice Predictions

Posted by VoiceBase on Oct 2, 2014 4:57:00 AM

Predictive analytics is a branch of data mining that focuses on the prediction of future probabilities, trends and behavior. It has recently become a hot topic amongst big data fanatics and rightly so. The ability to predict future successes or failures hold value in any industry; sales, marketing, fraud detection, customer relationship management, and more. This is traditionally done by exploiting patterns found in historical, transactional and customer data to identify and optimize risks and opportunities through machine learning. The power of using machine learning capabilities to collect and organize this data is even more disruptive to an industry when you can collect different forms of data than your competitors; like spoken data.

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What is Big Voice?

AI-powered speech analytics for the cloud

VoiceBase is defining the future of deep learning and communications by providing unparalleled access to spoken information for businesses to make better decisions. With flexible APIs developers and enterprises build scalable solutions with VoiceBase by embedding speech-to-text, speech analytics, and predictive analytics capabilities into any big voice application. 



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