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Posted by Helene Servillon on Apr 24, 2018 7:46:58 AM

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There are numerous ways to implement your Amazon Connect solution and a variety of technology partners that you can integrate with. With all the different options at your disposal, networking and sharing ideas with other industry professionals and peers can bring “a-ha” moments to some of your biggest challenges. One of the best networking opportunities to take advantage of are with any of the upcoming Amazon Connect meetups.

On Wednesday, March 28th in San Francisco, CA, VoiceBase hosted the first Amazon Connect meetup at WeWork Transbay to bring cloud contact center thought leaders together for an evening fireside chat on, “How Amazon Connect is Changing the Contact Center World”. The evening lasted from 6-8pm and was filled with a variety of contact center professionals in the Bay Area who were very happy with the upbeat fireside chat format and community networking opportunity.

“The meetup is a great way to interact with people who are implementing an Amazon Connect solution and are looking to gain insights on new ideas and share lessons learned,” said Philippe Bellevin, Global Director of Strategic Alliances and Partnerships at Tata Communications. 

Meetup Recap

For the panel discussion, Solutions Architect from VoiceBase, Dan Raasch moderated an array of amazing speakers such as Joe Eisner, Amazon Connect’s Global Lead, Lynn Teague, Director of Strategic Accounts at VoiceFoundry (systems integrator partner) and Jeff Shukis, VP of Engineering and Tech Ops at VoiceBase.

Overview of the fireside chat topics:

  • Joe Eisner addressed what Amazon was seeing in the contact center market that led to the introduction of Amazon Connect.
  • Each speaker addressed why top companies and enterprises are evaluating Amazon Connect to deliver the next generation of communications throughout the globe.  They were not able to discuss specific verticals because there are such a wide variety of prospects and customers that they do not fit into just a few verticals.
  • Joe discussed that Amazon Connect is winning because of their partner integrations, open architecture and scalability.  Jeff verified this by commenting about how companies are beginning to fully realize how an open architecture can benefit them.
  • Lynn Teague and Jeff Shukis shared their stores on how they joined the Amazon Connect partner ecosystem and what their experiences were like.
  • Lynn discussed how the American Red Cross was able to get a very large call center running within 48 hours in order to respond to an emergency.  This verifies how easy it is to set up and scale Amazon Connect.
  • Each speaker provided tips for migrating to Amazon Connect.  They mentioned it is often best to move over a small department first before rolling out to larger departments.
  • Jeff discussed security.  He made some revealing comments that cloud systems can be more secure than premise systems due to a centralized management structure and a single access point to the Internet.  
  • The closing discussion included comments from the speakers about the future of the contact center world.

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Join the next Amazon Connect meetup! 

If you missed out on this last meetup in San Francisco, join one of the Amazon Connect meetup groups based in your city. 

Ready to jump in to your Amazon Connect integration? Check out the resources below.

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Written by Helene Servillon

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