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Posted by Emily Blazensky on Aug 30, 2016 1:30:00 AM


ActiveDEMAND is more than a tool, it’s a part of your marketing team. As an integrated marketing platform, ActiveDEMAND enables marketers, agencies and businesses to supercharge their marketing efforts through streamlined campaign management,campaign recipes and attribution reporting while integrating with many other business, sales and marketing applications.

The problem many businesses face while integrating sales and marketing efforts is creating a smooth experience between online and offline touch points. VoiceBase however, provides the ability to turn speech into text, and then mine that text-based data for keywords, phrases and other important information that customers are saying on your phone lines. Now, businesses can create richer customer profiles from spoken interactions and more intelligently interact with each customer.


Keyword Spotting to Create a Seamless, Integrated, Omnichannel Experience

In a nutshell, the ActiveDEMAND platform gathers a wide range of contact intelligence (web pages visited, email open times, link clicks, pop-ups viewed, assets downloaded, etc).  An important part of that user engagement intelligence is keyword analysis from calls. This information is then used to adapt the visitors' website experience using real-time dynamic content based on the keywords results and other data.



BEFORE                                        AFTER


For example:  A prospect calls ActiveDEMAND based on an ad or search result. In the course of the conversation they mention they are using the Pipedrive CRM.  Since ActiveDEMAND integrates with Pipedrive, and having close alignment between the Sales and Marketing platforms is often an important buying decision, we use this intelligence to highlight the feature on the website.  As a result of the keyword analysis on the phone call, ActiveDEMAND will automatically change the banners to incorporate Pipedrive messaging, pop-up banners and testimonials reinforce the Pipedrive message etc.


Actionable Intelligence, From the Phone Lines to Your Spreadsheets

"VoiceBase adds value, not only to our Call Tracking product, but helps drive the personalization and adaptive dynamic content that is a major aspect of the whole ActiveDEMAND marketing automation platform," describes Sean Leonard, ActiveDEMAND CEO. "VoiceBase provides us with access to important client intelligence and our platform makes the most of it."

An important element to highlight in the ActiveDEMAND Call Tracking Suite is a robust feature called CallForensics™, which allows customers to get real, actionable insights from their call tracking data. With the combined technologies of ActiveDEMAND and VoiceBase, CallForensics™ provides customers with a full call transcription, actionable keyword monitoring, and improved call attrition.

The benefits of converting every phone call to a searchable text transcript are limitless; customers can now score leads based on keywords or phrases mentioned in the call, trigger notifications, modify reports or initiate marketing automation campaigns based on keywords. Proper call attribution is important for demonstrating the value of each lead and defining an accurate customer profile and history. Not all phone calls are equal, with CallForensics™, each tracked phone call has the ability to have a custom lead score based on such factors as presence of keywords, web session details, campaign engagement, job title, etc. By combining offline and online data points ActiveDEMAND is setting a new bar for customer experience.


Drive Your Website Content With What's Said

This powerful combination of technology between ActiveDEMAND and VoiceBase is creating a better customer experience, faster sales cycles and improved ROI from all marketing efforts.

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Written by Emily Blazensky

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