Customer Spotlight: Capria Solutions, Disrupting The E-Discovery Industry

Posted by VoiceBase on Feb 9, 2016 12:00:33 AM


Capria Solutions, a workflow automation platform to help organizations eliminate compliance violations and reduce government fines, recently implemented VoiceBase’s API. VoiceBase’s REST API enables customers to transcribe, search, and detect specific words and phrases in spoken information. This integration aims to improve audio content discoverability and revolutionize the e-discovery landscape through Capria’s business process management platform.

e-discovery capria solutions

Capria’s customers consist of many businesses in heavily regulated industries such as finance, healthcare and energy whose corporate counsel have thousands of hours worth of audio, video, or text information to sift through in order to find the ‘smoking gun’. LogicGate, Capria’s business process management platform, excels at automating processes involving text information and data, however audio and video content was always an inaccessible black box.

Before integrating VoiceBase, Capria customers with massive amounts of spoken information (audio or video files) previously only had the ability to upload a file and watch or listen manually. Not only is this process time consuming in industries that are time-sensitive, but this process is also highly prone to human error and inconsistent results. As a company dedicated to delivering the leading e-discovery solution, Capria knew they had to research ways to improve audio and video accessibility.

“By integrating VoiceBase's platform, it’s taken LogicGate to a whole new level," described Matt Kunkel, President Capria Solutions. “We’ve been able to not only provide accurate transcription and search, but also text analytics, redactions, and in-audio commenting to advance our user experience.”

e-discovery capria solutions

By enabling easy-to-use audio and video navigation, search and detection, Capria Solutions’ customers can now reduce the time and cost of these reviews. This is extremely valuable when there are thousands of hours of video to mine and only a few days before a deadline or court date to find the needle in a haystack.

VoiceBase prides itself on being able to power a variety of solutions in trending markets such as e-learning, cloud contact centers, financial earnings calls, and e-discovery. Learn more about Capria Solutions’ LogicGate Platform today!


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