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Posted by Emily Blazensky on Jan 26, 2016 8:28:13 AM

VoiceBase, is a new conference focusing on the call marketing industry, and has already established itself as THE call marketing show. This inaugural event, held in San Francisco last week was packed with exciting speakers, a busy show floor, and plenty of open bars. Suffice to say everyone there had the same thoughts at the end of Day 2, can’t wait to see what they set up next year!

The conference began with a keynote from Twilio CEO, Jeff Lawson and transitioned into speakers from Invoca, Google, BIA Kelsey, VoiceBase’s own Jay Blazensky, and many more. Jay spoke in the Innovation Showcase, hosted by the founder of, Jay Weintraub (Founder and former CEO of Leadscon) where he announced VoiceBase’s new product; Insights.


Insights, which is built on VoiceBase’s best in breed transcription engine, uses machine learning and predictive analytics technology to make sense of human voice interactions for business processes automation. By leveraging big data techniques within the voice channel VoiceBase can now surface a deeper understanding of what is said, such as the client’s intent or an agent’s behavior. Automatically scoring every sales call for example as a “hot lead”, “first-time caller” and “non-prospect”, or detecting “potential churn” and “rude agent” in support calls will save businesses time and money.

Telmetrics, Inc., a leading call analytics and attribution technology provider for digital marketers, and a valued VoiceBase customer, was also at Telmetrics will be leveraging Insights in its call tracking solution, “We believe VoiceBase Insights has the potential to unveil a deeper, much sought after layer of speech analytics, that up until now has been inaccessible,” said CJ Arseneau, vice president of marketing for Telmetrics. “For marketers who drive calls to local businesses, accurate lead scoring on every call, unhindered by human capacity and cost, is game changing,” added Arseneau.

After a busy week and a successful show, we are excited for 2016 and our next big event: Enterprise Connect, Communications Transforming Business in Orlando, FL. Stay tuned, as VoiceBase will be making a few more announcements ahead of Enterprise Connect!



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Written by Emily Blazensky

As Director of Marketing for VoiceBase, an API-based and enterprise grade speech analytics platform, Emily has developed unique and successful marketing strategies to meet the needs of an emerging industry leader, with a rapidly growing customer base. Emily has a keen grasp of the strategies to elevate awareness of the multiple ways speech technology can be applied to improve business process automation.
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