VoiceBase Announces New Predictive Analytics Product; Insights

Posted by VoiceBase on Jan 19, 2016 4:02:52 AM

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Today VoiceBase is excited to announce our new product; Insights. Insights utilizes predictive analytics to match all future calls to certain call classifiers, which can be unique for every customer. These call classifications range from determining the existence of certain events, such as; rude agent, upset customer, appointment made, or hot lead. While other classifications can predict and alert a business of a likely predetermined behavior such as; close to cancelling, likely to upgrade, or opportunity to up-sell.

Predictive Analytics

Using pre-tagged calls to train its proprietary machine learning algorithms, VoiceBase creates customized predictive models, capable of detecting complex events. “Our ‘Big Voice’ approach, consisting of thousands of columns of data, enables VoiceBase customers to extract valuable information with a high degree of confidence from telephony grade recordings that are often low in quality,” claimed Walter Bachtiger, Founder and CEO of VoiceBase. “This level of analytics is far superior to traditional keyword-based solutions, which are highly vulnerable to noise and accents.”

Determining the existence of a specific event in a spoken interaction is valuable to businesses in many industries, as Rich Tehrani, CEO of TMCnet points out "...even if people are using their phones less, the calls being made to businesses are likely more important and urgent than ever." The most important thing about that phone call and the hundreds of thousands made to and from businesses every day, is what's being said, and until now that information was either inaccessible or expensive and time consuming to get, via human transcription. Now, with VoiceBase Insights, that information is at the tip of your agent's fingertips, to better prepare for their next call - or at your contact center manager's fingertips, to better monitor thousands of agents and improve agent practices.

From a large enterprise looking to truly understand the “voice of the customer”, to the small business needing to maximize the ROI on every marketing dollar, the uses of Insights are vast. “The ability to mine voice interactions that are natural and authentic, will surface valuable insights across multiple industries,” said Michael Boland, Chief Analyst at BIA Kelsey, a leading research and analyst firm for local media. “It’s particularly valuable for local businesses that can be resource starved, yet still need to understand the calls that result from their ad spend.”

What will you discover with Predictive Insights? Download the FREE Whitepaper here.


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