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Posted by VoiceBase on Apr 22, 2015 3:49:53 AM

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At VoiceBase, we are continuously working to improve our product for all types of customers that rely on our voice transcription platform. Today, we are announcing a new and exciting feature; Anonymous Upload.

The Anonymous Upload tool now allows users to give visitors ‘upload access’ without having to give them a password and access to the entire account. By simply sending a link to a unique upload page, multiple visitors can easily upload media files while the owner of the account maintains privacy.

This feature is great for anyone collecting multiple recordings from different sources. Frequent users such as market researchers or educators previously had to collect individual content via email, download each file and then upload those all to VoiceBase, which is time-consuming and tedious.

Now, a market researcher who is receiving media from AV providers can easily allow them to upload files directly while keeping the account contents private. Educators can permit students to upload projects for review, enable researchers to upload files to be analyzed, or allow interview subjects/interviewers to upload recordings anonymously.

If you have any questions about the new feature, please email or call our support phone at (650) 897-5170.

Below are simple instructions to create an upload link:

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  1. Click My Account
  2. Click Applications
  3. Click Create Token (currently "upload" is the only supported type)
  4. Fill in a title of your choice and click Create
  5. Copy the entire link text from the https:// to the end of the token
    • Send the link to anyone you want to be able to upload audio or video
    • The link expiration can be extended by clicking "prolong"
    • When uploading is complete, the link can be deleted by clicking "delete"
  6. You can create as many tokens as you wish
    • Each uploader can have a unique token
    • Names can be set for easy identification
    • You may block access by deleting the token at any time



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