VoiceBase Is Powering Deeper Customer Insights By GreenRope

Posted by VoiceBase on Dec 16, 2014 6:49:24 AM


GreenRope, a cloud-based CRM and marketing automation platform recently implemented VoiceBase’s API to increase the value of their customers' CRM records. As a Twilio customer, GreeenRope was quickly able to integrate the API into their recording and analytics process. VoiceBase enables Twilio-recorded calls to become searchable, discoverable, and attachable to CRM platforms on demand! By directing the API call to the correct url for every new recording, VoiceBase is now automating the keyword spotting and machine indexing process to provide valuable information from recorded calls.

VoiceBase’s easy integration with Twilio’s app aligns with the company’s focus of allowing developers to innovate through simple API calls. Within a few hours, GreenRope was able to implement keyword spotting, machine transcription, remote recording storage, and embed the VoiceBase player plug-in to their CRM platform.

"Integrating VoiceBase's recording and transcription technology was a snap,” says GreenRope CEO, Lars Helgeson. “We are now able to provide extremely powerful and secure conversation archiving to all of our users, and the entire process was easy and affordable."

By adding valuable keywords to CRM records, improving accuracy of GreenRope’s predictive analytics platform, and providing sales and marketing tools to improve ROI, GreenRope customers will experience exciting new data.

The GreenRope-VoiceBase Integration enables CRM users to:

  • Add more in depth information to predictive analytics
  • Help brands understand the complete customer profile
  • Provide valuable data for marketing and sales strategies
  • Save time and increase productivity

Interested in learning more about this integration with GreenRope? Click here.

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