5 Ways VoiceBase Can Save Your Moderators Tons of Time

Posted by VoiceBase on Jul 23, 2014 2:08:00 AM

In our previous blog "3 Reasons Why Now is The Time For Voice Search" we talked about why market research was ready for massively consumable voice search;

"Never before has the voice of the customer been as important to the market as it is today. Having the ability to analyze the many voices of your customer base is vital to understanding your market and what they demand. "$3.2 billion was injected into marketing research, analytics and information firms in 2013. This is up from US $1.7 billion the previous year, an increase of 88%." What a shame to spend that much money and not be able to search through your customer service calls, or market research interviews to make analyzing and understanding the data in them easier and more efficient."

The amount of content that is spoken in a market research interview or focus group is so large the analyzation of it can be overwhelming to say the least, so the ability to cut down on that time is very valuable.

  1. Searchable index immediately after an interview or focus group
  • This can help moderators quickly know the general tone of an interview and jump to the questions and answers they are most interested in.
  • Interactive scrolling transcript in the final product
    • Everyone digests information differently, with a text document that highlights what is being played it is easy to follow the recording through listening or reading.
  • Globally search all interviews easily
    • Have multiple interviews with the same set of questions? That's what we thought. Search them all at once. See the results collected in one place to easily scan for the information you are looking for.
  • Share snippets with clients
    • Ever need to play short clip for your clients or supervisors? Easily share a specific spot in a recording with your by plugging it directly into your presentation or email.
  • Summarize faster
    • Imagine how fast all of these features could help you navigate your recordings. From jumping exactly to what you want with keyword search, to easily sharing the important clips, and having an interactive transcript of the recording. What will you do with all the new found free time?
    Want to learn more about how it works?
    Check out our awesome demos to experience machine indexing & search!

    image curtosy; http://www.theguardian.com/small-business-network/2012/jul/27/market-research-getting-started-best-of

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