7 Things To Do When Stuck In a Boring Meeting

Posted by VoiceBase on May 28, 2014 7:23:00 AM

It happens to all of us, sometimes we get stuck in meetings that we may not be needed for. Once the conversation takes a turn away from your area of expertise, you have three options; excuse yourself to go back to your desk, say nothing/grin and bear it, and turn this down time into productive time. The first option leaves it looking like you think your time is more valuable than your coworkers, and the second one benefits no one because you are wasting valuable time. So what can you do in a meeting that is productive and not distracting to the people still in a discussion?

1. Write down and prioritize your To-Do List

Taking the time to organize and critically think about what the rest of your day/week looks like work-wise can help lower stress and increase efficiency in your day-to-day responsibilities

2. Scan email newsletters for relevant news and blogs to share on social media

Thought leadership is a huge buzzword right now in any industry, taking some down time to find interesting and useful articles to share with your network is a quick and effective way to establish yourself as someone in the know and a good source for information.

3. Do some real work

Have your laptop with you? Smartphone or tablet? Great. Do some real work then, as long as it doesn't involve a phone call or disrupting noise/action to those around you, write that lengthy email you've been drafting in your head, crunch those numbers or design that new ad campaign.

4. Brainstorm innovative ideas

Been thinking about spicing up your department with some out of the box ideas to grab someone's attention? Start brainstorming, the crazier the better. Jot them down now and then re-visit the ideas tomorrow and the next day until you've molded it into something really unique and plausible.

5. Positive reinforcement (write down good things in your life)

Sometimes being stuck in a meeting like this can be a real downer. Instead of watching the second hand on the clock barely move, do something to bring up your mood. Write down a list of good things in your life; from people who make you feel good about yourself, to your favorite restaurant, favorite TV show, or something you are looking forward to in the near future. Reminding yourself of these positive triggers is a great pick-me-up from that mid afternoon slump.

6. Meditate, day dream, whatever you like to call it; do it

Sure it's not good to day dream all the time, but letting your mind wander is actually a great way to find meaningful insight, at least that's what some researcher's at Carnegie Melon think.

7. 5 year plan

Planning out your next 5 years whether it be professionally or personally is another great motivator. Remind yourself of where you are going and plan how to get there to give yourself purpose and motivation to finish the day and week strong. It's also a great way to make sure you are on the right track to get where you want to be.
What's your favorite method of turning down time in meetings into productive time for yourself?

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